Where To Put Your Cobot: Tilting Height Adjustable Tables

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So you bought a Cobot – but where should you put it?

Cobots offer incredible benefits to companies by adding automation to their productions. Cobot owners enjoy things like easy programming, fast set up, flexible deployment, collaboration, and safety.

“There are many reasons for the emergence of collaborative robots: companies are using them because they can be placed alongside humans in small-spaced electronics assembly lines, because they are affordable and easily trainable, and because they are flexible to handle short runs, repetitive and boring jobs, and ergonomically challenging tasks.

“Industrial robots are caged to keep humans safe and out of harm’s way. Service robots are meant to safely leave the cage while doing tasks for humans. Collaborative robots come in all sizes and shapes and have integrated sensors and soft and rounded surfaces for safety purposes and to reduce the risk of impact, pinching and crushing. The biggest safety feature of collaborative robots is their force-limited joints, which are designed to sense forces due to impact and quickly react.” -Frank Tobe, owner & publisher of The Robot Report.

When you pull the brand new collaborative robot out of its box it will need a home. You shouldn’t put something of its potential on just any old table in the shop.

LTW Ergonomic Solutions just released a new product in their line of industrial height adjustable tables: the E4H Tilt Cobot Table.

Not only is this heavy duty table height adjustable, but the entire tabletop is able to be tilted with the press of a button.

More operators can work at the same station. When an operator walks up to the table (for example: beginning a new work shift), they can change the previous operator’s height settings to their own correct ergonomic height.

Operators can utilize the tilting tabletop to expand the Cobot’s capabilities and to change its automation for a different application.

Learn more about our Cobot tables and how they can further empower your collaboration.