Height Adjustable Operator Platform Lift - Low Profile Platform by LTW Ergonomic Solutions

LTW’s Ergonomic Electric Adjustable Height Operator Platforms allow you to effortlessly optimize your operator’s work height to large equipment!

Customize the Low Profile Platforms to your workplace for a seamless, ergonomic fit.

Typical Price Range: $5,879—$8,399
Customization and Discounts available. Request a quick quote today from an LTW Ergonomics Professional to find your price and other industrial ergonomic products in your budget!

Custom Low Profile Platform Quote

Add the needed touch of ergonomics to your large machinery

These operator platforms/lifts simply and effortlessly raise the operator to the machine to optimize the ergonomics of the process.  We can customize these platforms to fit your exact machinery and needs.

These ergonomic electronically adjustable-height operator platforms are designed and built to handle some of the toughest industrial environments.

Our Low Profile Ergo Operator Platforms help raise operators that just need to be slightly raised up from the floor they now stand on in order to be at a proper ergonomic height to accomplish their tasks.

Popular Applications: distribution centers, large machinery or products, assembly lines

Low Profile Platform: Adjustable Operator Lift Platform by LTW Ergonomic Solutions
Height Adjustable Operator Platform Lift - Low Profile Platform by LTW Ergonomic Solutions

Impressive Features & Options

  • Electric Actuator Motor Stroke: 8″ or 12″
    • Quiet Electric Screw Drive Lift System
    • Soft Touch Button Motor Controller
  • Dimensions: Customizable, up to 72″ W x 72″ D
  • Minimum Lowered Height: 5″ from Floor
  • Welded Frame Construction: Heavy Duty 2″ x 7 Gauge Welded Square Tube Steel
    •  Optional 3″ Tube Steel
  • Floor Plate: 1/8″ Steel Plate with Optional Ergo Matting
  • Floor Contact: Floor Levelers and/or 5″ Swivel Locking Casters (Optional 2 rigid)
  • Lift Capacity: 1100lb Central Static Load Lift Capacity (Can be increased to 4000lb+)
  • Color: Powder Coated Matte Black & Golden Bronze (Optional Custom Colors)
  • Shipped Assembled and Ready to Use!

Customizable Options

  • Do you need a platform with options different from the ones listed?
    • Not a problem! Start by filling out the Quote Request Form below. In the “Additional Instructions,” write the general scope of your custom platform. An LTW Ergonomics Professional will reach out to you shortly to discuss the details.

Pressure-Sensitive ES Edges

LTW’s Enhanced Safety Edges help to protect your workplace against possible accidents. These pressure-sensitive strips are a standard feature, and are included on the bottoms of any open edge on an Ultra Low Profile LTW platform.

If an object accidentally finds itself under the edge of the platform, when the platform lowers and the ES Edge touches the object, the platform stops and retracts upwards (away from whatever the edge touched). LTW platforms are made to be used only when the operator has confirmed that the environment is safe for height adjustment, and these sensors help add safety in the event that something accidentally is left under the edge of the platform.

Industrially Height Adjustable Operator Platform with 2" Lowered Height and Edge Sensors by LTW Ergonomic Solutions

Showcased above is LTW’s Ultra Low Profile Platform, with a minimum height of 2″. 

Let us help you raise your level of ergonomics today!