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LTW’s E2LC Parts Washer Ergonomic Electric Adjustable Height Industrial Base will raise the work to you!

LTW E2LC Adjustable Height Parts Washer Base is one of the first of its kind, and offers an industrial solution to the all too often back pain caused from cleaning parts while bending over to reach the tank!

Typical Price Range: $2,999—$5,519
Customization and Discounts available. Request a quick quote today from an LTW Ergonomics Professional to find your price and other industrial ergonomic products in your budget!

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We have taken our patented E2LC base and designed an adjustable height stand for common parts washers that will not only go up and down with a simple push of a button but when lowered all the way down can easily be rolled around on its 5″ locking casters.

Made from Heavy Duty 7 Gauge 2″ welded tube steel, these ergonomic electronically adjustable height parts washer bases are designed and built to handle the toughest industrial environments!

LTW, Inc. LTW Ergonomic Solutions Industrial Parts Washer Base

Impressive Standard Features

  • Electric Actuator Motor Stroke: 8″ or 12″
    • Quiet Electric Screw Drive Lift System
    • Soft Touch Button Motor Controller
  • Welded Frame Construction: Heavy Duty 2″ x 7 Gauge Welded Square Tube Steel
  • Floor Contact: 5″ Swivel Locking Casters and Floor Levelers
  • Lift Capacity: 250lb + Lift Capacity
  • Color: Powder Coated Matte Black with Bronze (Optional Custom Colors)
  • Shipped Assembled and Ready to Use!

Customizable Options

  • Customizable dimensions to your exact parts washer
  • Interchangeable Battery Powered with Wall Mount Charger

LTW Ergonomic Parts Washer Base-Drawing

Provide industrial ergonomic safety for your workplace with LTW.

Height Adjustable Parts Washer Base LTW Ergonomic Solutions
Height Adjustable Parts Washer Base LTW Ergonomic Solutions

Let us help you raise your level of ergonomics today!