Thanksgiving 2020 Tips: Thank your Customer

Unlike any other year, 2020 revealed the paramount importance of the customer. Without loyal customers, this year might have proven fatal for your company. Your customers, too, have faced hardship this year – whether in business, or in their personal lives. Sharing extra appreciation and kindness can make a huge impact in their day. A few thank-you ideas: Back-and-forth correspondence … Read More

Thanksgiving 2020 Tips: Thank your Boss

This year, some bosses found an aspect of management that isn’t often talked about: empathy. Each person in a company experiences fear and loss in a unique way. The best in management have shown great care for their teams, and have done all they could to support them. Let’s take this one-of-a-kind Thanksgiving season to reflect on the importance of … Read More

Thanksgiving 2020 Tips: Thank your Coworker

This year required more collaboration and support within teams than ever before. Even if you work from home, and have not seen your coworkers in-person for over seven months, you have felt their value. Have you ever genuinely thanked your coworkers? For us at LTW, the company wouldn’t be the same without any one of our valuable team members. How … Read More

Summer $avings Event!

We know your budget might be under more stress during this unique time. LTW wants to help you provide the ergonomics and safety your team needs, with less spending. Ultimately, a lack of ergonomics can cost much more than purchasing ergonomic equipment in the first place. We want to help you make that initial investment in your team. Discount Details: … Read More

The 2008 Crisis & COVID-19: Can Ergonomics Help Now Like it Did Before?

With the financial instability COVID-19 has brought into our economy, many are reminded of the 2008 “Great Recession.” In this article, we will compare how implementation of ergonomics helped companies through the 2008 crisis, and how it can help more today. J.M. Boakes, MBA, CRSP, CCPE, discussed the 2008 crisis in the 2019 publication of Ergonomics Canada. He mentioned that “this … Read More

Unique Health Benefits of Industrial Ergonomics

While there are many different kinds of benefits to industrial ergonomics, including financial, here are some of the specific data-backed health benefits. First of all, why industrial ergonomics? Isn’t ergonomics the same across the board? Well, yes and no. While some of the standard benefits of ergonomics apply to all workplaces, industrial environments often have distinctive requirements and challenges that … Read More

LTW to be at the 2019 “AME” Advanced Manufacturing Expo

Want to see LTW products in person? Meet us at AME! The “AME” Advanced Manufacturing Expo, featuring two separate shows, is a hub for leadership, networking, resources, and technology. Novi, MI: Tuesday, August 20 of 2019, 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. LTW Booth: 408 Grand Rapids, MI: Thursday, August 22 of 2019, 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. LTW Booth: 2400 … Read More

Support Workplace Mothers – Mother’s Day 2019

During Mother’s Day time this year, support the women who work to help their families thrive. Data Check out these statistics provided by the U.S. Department of Labor Blog: Mothers provide at least half of the family’s income in 40.9 percent of households with children under age 18, up from 11.3 percent in 1960. 1 in 4 households with children under 18 is … Read More

5 Inside Scoops: Why to Choose LTW

So it’s time to upgrade your industrial workplace’s tables, workstations, or machine bases. You want to find the best solution for your company. Feeling a bit overwhelmed with a deadline, budget, and quote minimum, you start scrambling to educate yourself on the all your options. You start to realize that there are many differing ergonomic table qualities, costs, and companies … Read More

10 Reasons to “Get Your Ergonomic On” at Work

Ergonomics is a popular workplace safety theme in today’s industrial era, especially in assembly and manufacturing. Is ergonomics really worth all the hype it’s getting? Read on to learn some of its key benefits, and how those can affect your company. 1. Prevents Injuries By decreasing the levels of repetition and awkward postures in the workplace with ergonomic solutions (such … Read More

The Gift of Ergonomics

Through the end of the year, all LTW products ship with Christmas packaging – red protective wrap and a bow! Give the gift of ergonomics to your company this year. LTW’s industrial and height adjustable products (tables, workstations, operator platforms, and more) are made with the individual worker in mind: people in assembly, manufacturing, and other industrial workplaces.  With the … Read More

Thanksgiving: Thank your Customer

Your company’s sole purpose is helping customers. Without them, you wouldn’t have a company! Shocking, right? It’s pretty self-explanatory why thanking your customers is a good idea. BE THE KIND OF PERSON YOU’D WANT TO BUY FROM Can you think of a time when you were a customer, and had a bad experience because of the company’s employees? Just this … Read More

Thanksgiving: Thank your Boss

Talking about bosses can be tricky – depending on your relationship with them. Talking to bosses can be even trickier! Let’s take this Thanksgiving season to reflect on their importance and value to your company.   How does your boss help you? Do they help you keep projects on track at work? Managing people can be a stressful job. Tons … Read More

Thanksgiving: Thank your Coworker

Have you ever *genuinely* thanked your coworkers? For us at LTW, the company wouldn’t be the same without any one of our valuable team members.   How do your coworkers help you? Do they share jokes, keep the work space tidy, or help you meet a deadline? We don’t know of anyone who doesn’t like to be appreciated. Are you … Read More

Why You Should Love Your EHS Manager

By Heather Lanphear, Marketing at LTW Ergonomic Solutions   Are EHS Managers important, or are they out to waste company money with safety changes? The Institute for Safety and Health Management gives them a pretty high responsibility. “To have a strong hold of Environmental Health and Safety, companies should have measures on how to address air quality, ergonomics and other … Read More

CoBase™ Robot Table in Global Electronics Publication, U.S. Tech

Collaborative Robot Table in U.S. Tech Magazine - LTW Ergonomic Solutions

Recently, LTW’s height adjustable collaborative robot table (known as the “CoBase™,”) was featured in the Tech Watch section of “The Global Electronics Publication,” U.S. Tech. Check out what LTW’s Heather has to say about the product! Providing Stability and Mobility for Collaborative Robots Height-adjustable E4H tilt cobot table. By Heather Lanphear, Web Designer, LTW Ergonomic Solutions One challenge to using … Read More

Get Rid of Industrial Workplace Back Pain with Height Adjustable Workstations

Your company works hard. You have goals and dreams that encourage everyone to do their part. While some of your office staff may work at adjustable desks, your assembly department spends eight hours a day (or more) standing or sitting at static tables and workstations, creating products that are your business’s legacy. But sometimes our hard work takes tolls on … Read More

CoBase™ & Cobots – LTW with Universal Robots at The ASSEMBLY Show

LTW Ergonomic Solutions attended The Assembly Show 2017 with the collaborative robot (or cobot) producer, Universal Robots. Here LTW showcased the first CoBase™ – a height adjustable table made just for Cobots. The CoBase™ is a brand new product by LTW to fill the automation industry demand for a cobot table. The first on the market, this CoBase™ features height … Read More

Where To Put Your Cobot: Tilting Height Adjustable Tables

Image: Universal Robots So you bought a Cobot - but where should you put it? Cobots offer incredible benefits to companies by adding automation to their productions. Cobot owners enjoy things like easy programming, fast set up, flexible deployment, collaboration, and safety. "There are many reasons for the emergence of collaborative robots: companies are using them because they can be ... Read More