LTW’s ergonomic carts can make Material Handling in your company as easy as using a shopping cart!

Standard Models

For the same industrial quality of LTW products that you love, at the best prices, choose from standard product models. Standard models, as well as our Request a Quote form for custom options, are included on the above product pages.


Platform & Pick2Cart™ Ergo System

In addition to individual products, LTW also offers integrated ergonomic systems. Included in the LTW Platform and Pick2Cart Ergo System are: Fixed Steps PlatformPick2Cart™, and Battery Charging Station. Quantities of items can be customized to your specific needs.

This Ergo System is made to work seamlessly with your large machinery. The height adjustable platform is positioned beside a large process or machine, and with just the touch of a button can be raised or lowered to the operator’s perfect working height for loading or unloading the machine.

Check out LTW’s Platform and Pick2Cart™ Ergo System above.