Ergonomic Standing Meeting Table: MConference

Anywhere you find people coming together for short standing meetings, you will start to see these new Patent Pending MConference tables growing up to fill the demand! This meeting table is where you can “Grow Ideas Fast”! Each of the four table sections can easily be adjusted in height with the touch of a button so that everyone who comes to this table can meet safely, efficiently and comfortably. With LTW’s custom configurations, sizes, privacy panel heights, colors to match your décor, and charging ports at each section, you will see these popping up everywhere!

LTW hopes to introduce your company to a new concept. Who likes long meetings with no end in sight? Not our company! With the MConference Table, coworkers can simply meet up at a table, carry on a discussion, and end it off before anyone gets too tired of standing. With plenty of room for laptops, no one will gripe at the thought of another meeting. Your coworkers may or may not be short or sweet- but with the MConference Table, all meetings will be short AND sweet! Stand up meetings with the MConference will change your company’s work atmosphere.

Standard MConference Table Features include the following:

  • 48 in. Diameter Tabletop
  • Quiet Electric motor driven column lifts at each of the four stations
  • Laminated Table tops
  • Steel guard panels
  • 12 in. Motor Stroke height adjustability
  • 120 VAC and USB Charging ports at each section
  • Solid Aluminum Base Plate w/ Floor Levelers
  • Universal Central Mounting Post for optional accessories

Our MConference Tables can be customized to fit your specific needs, which can include the following:

  • Custom Configurations
  • Custom Guard Panel Heights (tall for privacy and short for collaborative meetings)
  • Custom Colors
  • Custom Sizes
  • Table Top Options (Different colored laminates, solid hard woods, aluminum, bamboo, custom)

Below are a few examples of the many options there are for graphic veneer wraps. One of your custom designs or your logo can be made into a veneer wrap and then placed wherever you’d like on the table.

LTW Ergonomic Solutions Table Option White OakLTW Wood Veneer Walnut
LTW Wood Veneer MapleLTW Wood Veneer Cherry
LTW Wood Veneer Black WalnutLTW Wood Veneer Black Walnut
LTW Wood Veneer Granite
LTW Wood Veneer RockLTW Veneer Metal Net

Patent Pending

Let us help you raise your level of ergonomics today!



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