Visual Inspection Workstation - Height Adjustable and Ergonomic - LTW Ergonomic Solutions

LTW’s Visual Inspection Workstation adds necessary ergonomics to visual inspection applications.

Many people working in visual inspection experience fatigue after long hours of sitting at workstations that hinder their health. Choose to invest in your personnel with LTW products.

With electric height adjustability and many other health-promoting features, this workstation helps to create a workplace that boosts efficiency, profitability, and morale.

Visual Inspection Workstation Quote

Why You Need It

Visual inspection is a crucial yet tedious task that is performed by companies of varying industries. Whether implemented for quality control, data acquisition, or data analysis, eyeball searches are commonly involved (this is also known as vgrep or ogrep). One of the largest tasks of accomplishing sustainable visual inspection is the creating of a health-promoting working environment for the inspectors.

LTW’s Visual Inspection Workstation was designed with the inspector in mind. Our signature technology, a premium electric height adjustability system, enables the inspector to adjust the workstation to their proper working height – sitting, or standing. The actuators feature 26″ of adjustability for an industrial sit-to-stand application.

Impressive Standard Features

  • Dimensions: From From 24″ W x 24″ D to 96″ W x 30″ D
  • Quiet Electric Screw Drive Lift System
  • Soft Touch Button Motor Controller
  • Heavy Duty 2″ x 7 Gauge Welded Square Tube Steel
  • 5″ Swivel Locking Casters or Floor Levelers
  • 26″ Stroke Lift Height
  • 500lb Central Static Load Lift Capacity (See our Weight Load Capacities page to find which table you need)
  • Powder Coated Matte Black and Bronze (LTW Standard Colors)
  • Modular Structural Aluminum Overhead Frame
  • Shipped Assembled and Ready to Use!

Visual Inspection Options

  • LED Light Bar on Adjustable Arm
  • LED Light Panel Recessed in Tabletop
  • Laminate Tabletop with Ergo Matting
  • Adjustable Armrests with Cushions
  • Black and White Panels for Part Inspection (On Adjustable Arms)
  • Adjustable Part Tray Holders with Extendable Sides
  • Blinder Panels for Decreased Environment Distractions
  • Adjustable Footrest
  • LCD Panel Arm
  • Drawer

Let us help you raise your level of ergonomics today!