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Standard Website Products Discounts

Our standard products available on are provided at low prices. For even lower prices, sign up for our LTW Ergo Ed newsletter on this page to receive special discounts on online purchases!

In addition to discounts offered through LTW Ergo Ed, we periodically offer special discounts that are advertised on our home page. Visit frequently to find great savings!

Quoted Products Discounts

Volume Discounts
Volume Discounts are offered on single purchases for listed quantities. These only apply to volume orders of a single product. For example, an order of Qty4 E2 Bases cannot be combined with an order of Qty6 E1 Bases to use the 10% Volume Discount for Qty10 units. This discount option is typically best for larger companies who would like to purchase a batch of products.

Units Purchased, Per OrderDiscount Percentage
5 - 9 units5%
10 - 49 units10%
50+ units15%

Frequent Buyer Program (FBP)
The Frequent Buyer Program is offered on the agreement that the customer is highly certain they will purchase a particular amount of LTW products within a given year. Progress towards the agreed-upon purchase goal is reviewed quarterly to assess the customer’s success. This discount is a great option for small to midsize companies whose purchases are intermittent and spread throughout a year.
LTW reserves the right to change a customer’s FBP discount amount if they so choose, at any point in a year. For example, if the customer does not show progress towards purchasing the agreed-upon product quantity at a progress review, LTW may choose to lower their discount percentage.

Units Purchased, Per YearDiscount Percentage
11 - 49 units (average: 1-4 units/month)5%
50 - 99 units (average: 4+ units/month)10%
100+ units (average: 8+ units/month)15%

At this time, our Volume Discounts and Frequent Buyer Program opportunities cannot be used together. These currently only apply to quoted projects, not standard products available for purchase directly on LTW’s website. Make sure to read all discount details to maximize your money’s potential.