E2 Tilt Workstation | Height Adjustable Tilting Table Top by LTW Ergonomic Solutions

LTW’s Industrial and Electric Height-Adjustable E2 Tilt Ergonomic Workstation raises and tilts the work to you!

LTW E2 Tilt Ergonomic Workstations are quickly becoming very popular in the industry due to their industrial strength combined with their unique Electric Tilting Top! The workstation’s modular overhead frame offers unlimited customization to fit any application.

Typical Price Range: $4,319—$7,199
Customization and Discounts available. Request a quick quote today from an LTW Ergonomics Professional to find your price and other industrial ergonomic products in your budget!

Height Adjustable and Tilting

With the LTW standard height adjustable frame of our patented E2 Workstation, the E2 Tilt Workstation features tilting technology for added ergonomics. The tabletop lowers in angle to be horizontal: the typical work surface.

Some applications induce stress on a person’s neck and back when using only a non-tilted tabletop. When working at the E2 Tilt Workstation, one has the options of both adjusting the height of the entire workstation to be accurate to their working height, as well as adjusting the tabletop angle to be comfortable for their work.

Adjustable Tilt Table Lowered - Ergonomic Height Adjustable Tilting Workstation by LTW Ergonomic Solutions

With the simple touch of a button, the tabletop angle can be adjusted to the operator’s preferred angle. The maximum tilted angle can be customized to what your project requires by LTW’s in-house Engineering Team.

Never stay confined to using the workstation for just one task – LTW’s modular structural aluminum overhead frame enables modification of the workstation for unlimited uses. At any point one can add on necessary options and accessories with the aluminum’s t-slots.

Impressive Standard Features

  • Electric Actuator Motor Stroke: 8″ or 12″
    • Quiet Electric Screw Drive Lift System
    • Soft Touch Button Motor Controller
  • Dimensions: From 24″ W x 24″ D to 96″ W x 30″ D
  • Minimum Lowered Height Options
    • With Leveling Feet: 31″
    • With 5″ Swivel Lock Casters: 35″
    • Heights are based on using LTW’s 12″ motor. When using LTW’s 8″ motor, the above heights are 4″ shorter.
    • Your chosen height can be anything equal to or above the given minimum heights!
  • Welded Frame Construction: Heavy Duty 2″ x 7 Gauge Welded Square Tube Steel
    •  Optional 3″ Tube Steel Frames on our EH2
    • Recessed Table Mounts with 5/16-18 tapped holes
  • Floor Contact: 5″ Swivel Locking Casters or Floor Levelers
  • Lift Capacity: 1100lb Central Static Load Lift Capacity, 300lb Tilt Capacity
  • Color: Powder Coated Matte Black with Bronze (Optional Custom Colors)
  • Overhead Frame: Modular Structural Aluminum
  • Shipped Assembled and Ready to Use!

Patents: www.LTW1.com/patents

Customizable Options

  • View all in detail at our LTW Product Accessories Page!
  • Structural Aluminum Overhead Frame
  • Table Tops: See Pictured Below
  • Ergo Mats
  • Tool Trolley Rail
  • Tool Balancers
  • Fan
  • Shelves (Steel or SST)
  • Parts Bin Bar
  • Peg Board
  • Power Outlet Strip

Standard Models

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