LTW’s GTR (General Tilt Roller Stand) is the simple solution to box pack-out and Material Handling applications!

This tilting box stand with roller table has a gas strut assist that keeps the tilt roller table at a 45 degree angle until you want to transfer your package from it to a conveyor or elsewhere.

Custom GTR Stand Quote

General Tilt Rolling Stand for Box Packing - LTW Ergonomic Solutions

Why You Need It

This tilting roller table holds your boxes at an ergonomic angle for easy packaging, then tilts down flat for transferring.

The four legs are manually adjustable with a pin system so you can adjust the table from 20.55″ to 29.55″. For a workplace where the GTR won’t be moved, you can choose Levelers as the Floor Contact Option. Make it portable with 5″ Swivel Lock Casters.

GTR Tilting Roller Box Stand by LTW Ergonomic Solutions

Impressive Standard Features

Width: 24.00″

Depth: 20.00″

Height: 20.55 to 29.55″ Pinned Leg Manual Adjustment

  • Strong 1 1/2″ x 12 Gage Welded Steel Frame
  • 20 Ball Transfers
  • 12 Gage Steel Table Top
  • 9″ Stroke Manual Height Adjustment
  • 150lb Capacity
  • 45 Degree Tilt Table with Gas Strut Return
  • Powder Coated
    • Signal Blue RAL 5005 (Standard)
    • Signal White RAL 9003
    • Signal Yellow RAL 1018
    • Jet Black RAL 9005
  • Floor Contact
    • Floor Levelers
    • 5″ Swivel Lock Casters
  • Custom Sizes Available Upon Request
  • Shipped Assembled and ready to use!


GTR General Tilt Roller Stand with Levelers for Box Packing - LTW Ergonomic Solutions


GTR General Tilt Roller Stand with Casters for Box Packing - LTW Ergonomic Solutions

Safe Workplace Colors

Signal Blue RAL 5005 (Standard), Signal Yellow RAL 1018, Jet Black RAL 9005, and Signal White RAL 9003 (white not pictured).

Carry More With Dual Shelves

The Dual Shelves option is just one of the many ways LTW products rise above the crowd. Carry more material with a single height adjustable cart.

LTW E1 RCT Height Adjustable Material Handling Cart with Dual Shelves

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