• Vertically Adjustable Tables

    E2 Base, E2H Base, E2 LC Base, E4/E4H Base, E6H Base, E2 Workstation, E2 Tilt Workstation, E2 Table, E4/E4H Table, E4H Tilt Ergo Lift Table, Rotating GTR Packing-Shipping Table & Workstation, E4H Tilt Cobot Table – CoBase™, E2 Shipping Table, E2 Packing Table

  • 6343556 B1, 6874432 B2

  • Adjustable Staircase and Height-Adjustable Platform with Adjustable Staircase 

    Adjustable Steps Platform (Gen II), Adjustable Custom Made To Order Platform (MTO) with Adjustable Staircase

  • 9,562,358

  • Table and Accessory Unit Assembly and Method of Docking Accessory Unit to Table

    RCT-WS Rapid Change Workstation, RCT-RL Rear Load System Rapid Change Workstation

  • 9,661,923

  • Height-Adjustable Table and Method of Assembly

    MPublic Table, MConference Table

  • 9,883,737 B2

  • U.S. Patent Pending

    E1 RCT Cart (Gen II)

    RCT-SL Rapid Change Workstation and Cart

    Ultra Low Profile Operator Platform


  • U.S. Patent Pending