E2CL 26inch Height Adjustable Mobile Table Cart by LTW Ergonomic Solutions

Adjust the height of LTW’s battery-powered E2CL Mobile Table Cart quickly and on the go.

Love the RCT Cart, but need something bigger – or love the E2CL Table, but want it battery-powered? The E2CL Mobile Table Cart features two fast-adjustment 26″ column lift actuators, battery-powered capabilities, foot pedal height adjustment, and more!

Typical Price Range: $3,599—$4,999
Customization and Discounts available. Request a quick quote today from an LTW Ergonomics Professional to find your price and other industrial ergonomic products in your budget!

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Most of LTW’s Carts are designed to assist with transportation and lifting of heavy items. The MTC is designed to provide a mobile on-the-go ergonomic workspace with area for storing parts or tools on the lower shelf. Catered to assembly and manufacturing industries, the MTC can be customized to meet your exact needs.

Operators of differing heights can use the MTC without the threat of multioskeletal diseases, which are common with fixed-height tables. Preventative actions through ergonomics can result in monetary savings to the company implementing them, but most importantly, ergonomics betters the health of the people involved. To see a longer list of ergonomics benefits, check out this educational article.

E2CL 26inch Height Adjustable Mobile Table Cart by LTW Ergonomic Solutions
E2CL 26inch Height Adjustable Mobile Table Cart by LTW Ergonomic Solutions

Impressive Standard Features

  • Electric Actuator Motor Stroke: 26″
    • Quiet Electric Screw Drive Lift System
    • Soft Touch Button Motor Controller
  • Dimensions: From 36″ W x 24″ D to 60″ W x 36″ D
  • Minimum Lowered Height Options
    • With 5″ Swivel Lock Casters: 29″
  • Welded Frame Construction: Heavy Duty 2″ x 7 Gauge Welded Square Tube Steel
    • Recessed Table Mounts with 5/16-18 tapped holes
  • Floor Contact: 5″ Swivel Locking Casters
  • Lift Capacity: 500lb Central Static Load Lift Capacity (See our Weight Load Capacities page to find which table you need)
  • Color: Powder Coated Matte Black with Bronze (Optional Custom Colors)
  • Shipped Assembled and Ready to Use!

Customizable Options

  • View options in detail at our LTW Product Accessories Page!
  • Battery-Powered Height Adjustability
  • Battery Charger and Extra Battery (For fast battery changeout)
    • The battery that comes with the “Battery-Powered Height Adjustability” option is charged by simply plugging the cart into the wall. However, using the “Battery Charger and Extra Battrey,” the extra battery can be charged while the original battery is in use. When the battery in use is running low, it can be swapped out for the fully charged battery, eliminating down time on the job.
  • Foot Pedal Height Adjustability
  • Footrest Bar
  • Table Tops
  • Lower Shelf (with Table Top Mounts)
  • Make it into a Workstation or Assembly Bench
  • Have Levelers and Casters by making it into our E2LC

Product Reviews

“Product works great, just as we spec’ed it out to be. It was good working with the LTW team.”

– LTW Customer, E2CL Mobile Table Cart

Patents: www.LTW1.com/patents

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