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Standard CoBase™

If you’re looking into purchasing a collaborative robot, you’ll need an industrial table to mount it on. LTW’s height adjustable CoBase™ completes the picture of collaboration, by adding ergonomics for people-friendly work. With the simple touch of a button, the heavy duty table (featuring a welded steel frame and high capacity actuators) can be adjusted to the individual’s perfect working height.

Tilt CoBase™

Why limit a safe, intelligent, and helpful collaborative robot to a static position, height, and usability? With this table, workers of different heights can still use the same robot safely and ergonomically. Imagine how much more it could be used in your company if it could be raised, lowered, and tilted!

RCT-WS Cobot Trolley

Increase your speed and work space with mobile trolleys that easily attach to the workstation to be one height-adjustable unit. The back end of this workbench is left open for quick and easy trolley movement and replacement, streamlining production processes like assembly and manufacturing.


E4H Ergo Pillar Kit

LTW  E4 and E4H (Heavy Duty) Ergonomic Pillars are built to raise your existing heavy applications! These ergonomic electronically adjustable height, heavy duty pillars are designed and built to handle some of the toughest industrial environments. The E4H (Heavy Duty) Ergo Pillars are made from Heavy Duty 7 Gage 3″ welded tube steel; these Ergo Pillars can handle just about anything you put on them!  They are made to bolt or be welded directly onto your existing machine frame.

E2 Retrofit Kit

If you have existing fixtures or equipment that you would like to make ergonomic by adding adjustability, then we have the Retrofit Kit for you! This ergonomic electronically adjustable height retrofit kit is designed and built around the same specs as our patented E2 base, and can handle some of the toughest industrial environments. Replace existing hazardous hydraulic lifts that can have catastrophic failures due to broken hydraulic lines or seals.  We can customize the size of the frames and the flange mounts to exactly fit onto your existing fixtures or machinery.

RCT Cart

With its new integration of Rapid Change Technology, the E1 RCT Cart tabletop is easily removable for efficient replacement. On top of this material handling cart being electrically height adjustable with the touch of a button, it’s tabletop can be easily removed to be replaced or reattached at a different height level for even greater custom height adjustability.

GTR Stand

LTW’s GTR Stand tilts up for packing at an ergonomic angle. With a little push, the surface tilts back to a horizontal position. Your package can then be rolled on to its next step in your packing and shipping process.

E4H Tilt Table

LTW’s Industrial and Electric Height-Adjustable E4H Tilt Ergonomic Table raises and Tilts the work to you! From robotics to welding, LTW E4H Tilt Ergonomic Tables are quickly becoming very popular in the industry due to their industrial strength combined with their unique Electric Tilting Top!

E6H Base

LTW’s Electric Height-Adjustable Industrial E6H Ergonomic Bases are the super heavy weights of our product line! LTW E6H Ergonomic Machine/Fixture Bases are built to handle your heavy applications.

E1 Workstation

These E1 Ergonomic Workstations/Workbenches are a perfect fit for your smaller assembly tables. Utilizing a central electric screw drive system, these cost effective units provide strength and stability for compact applications. The heavy duty welded steel tube frame, which rides on four double locking casters, is ideal for small footprint assembly fixtures, tables, and workstations.

E2 Tilt Workstation

LTW’s Industrial and Electric Height-Adjustable E2 Tilt Ergonomic Workstation raises and tilts the work to you!

RCT-WS Workstation

The back end of this workbench is left open for quick and easy trolley movement and replacement. This will help your company with manufacturing, making the process of production more streamlined! The shelves can hold parts for building, already manufactured products, etc., that can then be easily carted around your plant safely. Does your company kit tools or parts? The RCT Workstation is made to make this process as ergonomic and time efficient as possible.

RCT-RL System

Traditionally, assembly machines and workbenches have been designed to be a dedicated, stand alone piece of equipment that ties up your capital investment not to mention your floor space.  Now, LTW combined their renowned industrial E2LC machine bases with their innovative light curtain mounting system, overhead frame system, and removable cart system to make for a height adjustable industrial workstation and cart solution that will save you time, money and floor space!

RCT-SL Workstation

Perfect for anytime you handle multiple products or tools at the same workstation, this system allows you to quickly and effortlessly slide a universal pallet with your materials from the height adjustable cart to the tilting workstation. When all of the items on the cart have been used or assembled, the cart can then be moved independently of the workstation and replaced with another cart carrying more products or tools.

Fixed Steps Platform

These ergonomic electric adjustable height operator platforms simply and effortlessly raise the operator to the machine to optimize the ergonomics of your process.  We can customize these platforms to fit your exact machinery and needs.

Adjustable Steps Platform

LTW’s Ergonomic Electric Adjustable Height Operator Platform’s staircase automatically adjusts with the platform height as you to effortlessly optimize the operator work height to large equipment! Most of our products center around adjusting the work height to the operator, but for large assembly lines and machinery that is not feasible. LTW has answered this dilemma by introducing our new line of Ergonomic Operator Platforms/Lifts!

Ergonomics Training

Our Training video will teach you many important ergonomic facts, such as:

  • How does OSHA define Ergonomics?
  • Leading causes for missed time in the workplace and injuries in the workplace
  • What are MSDs?
  • How to avoid these problems, increase productivity, and increase morale!


MConference Table

This video is the first in a series of comical episodes portraying the great need of ergonomics in your business, your traveling, your studying, your internet surfing, and more. This first video in the series will show how LTW’s Standing Meeting Table can easily turn your all-too-often boring and inefficient meetings into ergonomic, efficient and exciting ones!

Cobot Table + UR

The CoBase™ went to FABTECH 2017 with Universal Robots, a manufacturer of collaborative robots. The CoBase tabletop was made with a custom tabletop bolt pattern just for UR’s cobot and the same can be done for whatever robot or cobot you have! If you are a robotics distributor, just think about how many more robots you could sell if they could be raised and tilted on a CoBase!

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