LTW Get Your Ergonomic On Videos! (#GetYourErgonomicOn)


Here it is…  LTW Ergonomic Solutions’ first #GetYourErgonomicOn video!

This video is the first in a series of comical episodes portraying the great need of ergonomics in your business, your traveling, your studying, your internet surfing, and more. This first video in the series will show how LTW’s Mushroom Meeting Table can easily turn your all-too-often boring and inefficient meetings into ergonomic, efficient and exciting ones!

Check out the Mushroom Meeting Table’s web page here.LTW, Inc. Ergonomic MConference Wood Adjusted Mushroom Meeting Table

 LTW Ergonomic Training and Promo Video

Below is our 1st Training and Promo video that will teach you many important ergonomic facts, such as:

  • How does OSHA define Ergonomics
  • What is the leading cause for
    • missed time in the workplace
    • injuries in the workplace
  • What are MSDs?
  • How to
    • avoid these problems
    • increase productivity
    • increase moral!

Enjoy watching and learning, and please let us know how we can help you grow your ergonomic program.