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Becoming a CoBase™ Distributor is easy so you can start selling them with your robots fast.

“Where do I put the robot/cobot when I get it?”

That’s the question we hear robotics distributors often get. Customers want to know if there is a dedicated table made for their robot, or if they should just bolt it onto a makeshift surface already in their company. The CoBase gives robot customers an industrial place to mount their robot, plus other customizable options: height adjustability, a tilting tabletop, custom color, and more, making it much more collaborative than cobot stands or other tables.

The CoBase gives distributors the ability to offer a complete cobot solution to their customers. Customers won’t worry about what to mount their cobot to, they simply buy a CoBase designed for their specific cobot. Click here to learn more about the CoBase™.

What’s a cobot?   Collaborative + robot = “Cobot.” Collaborative robots are designed to work alongside and with human operators.

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