Why You Should Love Your EHS Manager

By Heather Lanphear, Marketing at LTW Ergonomic Solutions


superman dog

“…your company’s own personal Superwomen and Supermen.”

Are EHS Managers important, or are they out to waste company money with safety changes?

The Institute for Safety and Health Management gives them a pretty high responsibility.

“To have a strong hold of Environmental Health and Safety, companies should have measures on how to address air quality, ergonomics and other concepts in the workplace where the well-being and health of all employees and persons involved in the company is taken into account.” Read more on what the ISHM has to say about them.

EHS Managers are trusted to make sure companies protect their employees. This often involves making upgrades in ergonomics, such as using height adjustable workstations.

Think of them as your company’s own personal Superwomen and Supermen. For many of them, their only tasks are to watch over the well being of your people and protect them from all workplace-related harm. That’s a pretty large responsibility.

So next time you see your EHS Manager, give them a high-five (unless they deem it unsafe).


Here at LTW, we highly value everyone working in EHS. Thank you very much for making the workplace a safer place.